A Little Thought From the Soul-2

We all want someone to tell us everything will be ok when it’s not. We yearn for human interaction. Love and friendship gets us through this life. Hate in destruction lead to loneliness and we have all been there, lonely. Loneliness is the worst pain a human can be put through. Pure unloved lonliness. Maybe it’s time to bind ties with people we have pushed away in our lives.

Late Thoughts 

I learned you can be lonely without ever being alone.

People say words can never hurt them by why are people hurt by words all the time?

Our world is full of contradicts everywhere. 

Just like many people say your past is gone and its a new day with a clean slate. But is that true? Do we ever really escape our past it always seems to find us again and a again.

Now friends I’m not saying there isn’t beauty in this I’m just saying we can live our whole lives and but full of wisdom but never will we know enough.

The Orange 


As I lie here alone and cold

Awaiting an open road 

A rough cough from a smokers lung 

Reminds me I’m much too young 


I need to get out of here 

Admit what I did was wrong

It’s time that I face my fear 

I need to get out of here


The halls smell of steel and lust 

A smile won’t go far 

Some people call this their home 

But a real life they do not know

*Chorus Repeat*


When I get out of here

No more will I rot 

I will fight for love 

And I will learn to tell the truth

*Chorus Repeat x2*

-This song came to me when I had to spend a few days in jail for a mistake I made, (oh the college years). These were my observations from my short stay.

I will work this out with instrumentation and record it and post it to my bands soundcloud.

Psycho Hose Beast– Manhattan Kansas. 

Check us out if you would like!


The Beautiful Butterfly


Oh look a butterfly found his perch       

Upon a daisy his wings will nestle

No more shall he search

But when his fluttery dance has settled

No longer must he stay

High he will fly for more he must meddle

On to a single rose he will play

For his sky be oh so blue

The sun brighten up his way

No rain to come, not in his view

Always at work the butterfly will be 

Until his final flight he’ll pay his due

One day in heaven his work be free

Oh beautiful butterfly I see, I see

-Seth Brandon 

~Terza Rima style poetry~



As I lie here and await my booking.

I try to remember where I’m from.

I’ve lost my way for which I’m looking.

You’ll find my words they will come.

Never forget who you are. 

Now matter where near or far.

For rain will come across your land.

But I promise you a greater plan.

Dont hold on loose. 

Nor too tight. 

For our maker will make things right.

My Thirsty Friend

You trickle like you’re a wild spirit on a hot night. 

Your insides are cold as ice but you always warm me up.

 You ring like a bell choir on your way to your destination. 

You never stay for long but you always comes back. 

You always come to me on days that are blue.

You make me want to rock the jukebox every night. 

You aren’t my friend but we hang out all the time. 

You make me feel better while making me sick. 

You have no heart but you give me mine. 

You make me stumble for words.

You break my heart yet you mend my pain. 

I want you gone but when your gone I want you more. 

You may not be my friend but you’re my drink and as long as you fill me up I will fill you up.

Free as the Wind 

Now Is the night I cross the line and Ill drive myself mad.

That damned clock ticking on the wall.

It feels like my seconds are just slowly melting off my body.

I walk to the bathroom look in the mirror but what I see isn’t me.

It’s the ash of what used to be a man.

I don’t want anyone to cry if I don’t survive this night.

Don’t you know I was born for flight but my wings are trimmed.

A tear drops from my eye and freezes on my shirt.

The stain reminds me of how I was born a free soul.

I will fly high above the ones I love finally where I belong.

A man with a beard and scarred hands has shown me the way!

I must fly my freedom awaits.

I’ll watch over you with wings so full.

So just let me be, let me be myself.


There is a place where lies meet the truth.

It’s a hidden place where you’ll find your proof. 

When you know, it will crush your heart.

Emotions of man are a work of art.

Your feral instinct will turn you mad.

Drive you from the dreams and life you could have had.

In the end your life is all that matters.

Don’t forget life opens new chapters. 

To a better day.

A better way. 

God is here and hears my cries.

One day from ash I will rise. 

To create a world for all to see.

Just the man that I could be.